“3 LITTLE A” exhibition

14 APRIL- 30 APRIL 2023


‘3 little A’ – three artists with a passion for nature, at their exhibition on April 15, 2023, they will present the culmination of several months of cooperation on the message ‘love for nature and spiritual connection with the world’. Cultural differences (England-Poland-Congo) are, contrary to appearances, an element that connects and gives a fresh look, teaches tolerance, acceptance and unconditional love, which we all need – love for the world, love for nature, quantity for each other.


Anna Spinner (aka Rotting Omega)

 Irmina Ira Spinner – Poland

Kalif Kalume – Congo

 PREVIEW:  Southsea Cinema Art Centre, PO5 3QQ, Southsea.  Saturday 15 April 2023, 3pm-5pm.


Artist’s statement 


I returned to painting after more than twenty years to convey and express how important for me, how important for us as human beings, is the connection with nature, the connection between all of us and the world. How important it is to understand that we are all one.

I have not graduated from any art school, I do not maintain any style, I paint intuitively and in the process I let myself be carried away by a higher power.



 I have been always interested by anything artistic such music, painting, cinema …I started drawing for as long as I can remember. My passion took a kick start when I decided to join the “Académie de beaux art” (Academy of Fine Art), year 2002 to 2009 in city of Kinshasa, capital of Republic democratic of Congo, from which I graduated 10 years later as an artist painter.

I moved in the United Kingdom around 2010 and I am currently living in Southampton. Since then, I have been mostly producing sketching and drawing with mixes media, paint, acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, gouache mostly, on paper. Also, in the meantime, I did various job around the city in a manufacturing industry, I am currently working as a “Material technician” in a fiber optic industry. I am also currently volunteering for a local filmmaking community base in Portsmouth (Portsmouth Film Society) now called “Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre, where I been also study about film making, storyboards, sound, video editing.

Also been learning a little about Photoshop, Digital art, digital drawing, storyboard drawing and Illustration.

I also participated in few exhibitions organized by local artists in Portsmouth as in Gosport, and casually made special drawings commission (Portrait, sketches …)

 Now I have been mostly using color pencil as I found it easier and more convenient for personal circumstances and I also do find some enjoyment using watercolor and dispersion technique.

 I am still study and experimenting about finding my style and technique whilst exploring and painting and drawing different subject matters, such as abstract characters, angels, animals, human, people portrait, animal portrait by putting them in a sort of narrative that can be open for any interpretation and questions and also to tell a story of humanity and exploration of emotions and different connection .