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Weird and wonderful films you might not know existed…need to be watched and discussed with like-minded film lovers at Southsea Community Cinema and Art Centre.

A special weekly event taking you back in time showcasing cult films spanning different eras and countries.  Find out what these obscure, offbeat and outrageous films say about the zeitgeist of their place and time in history. Film hosts will share why these movies bombed at the box office yet slowly garnered a steadfast legion of fans and influenced modern mainstream cinema.  Join us afterwards for refreshments in our cafe to discuss why you share a similar interest in these quirky masterpieces.  Selected films La Haine (1995), Videodrome (1981), Wake in Fight (1970), Naked (1993) and Freaks (1932)

This screening is part of Film Feels Curious, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at filmfeels.co.uk. This is Portsmouth Film Society’s first award from BFI, Film Feels Curious – Major Programmes.

2nd June Thursday 8pm  La Haine (Hate) (1995) cert 18

Twenty-four hours of living on the streets in the Paris ‘projects’. Sharply-characterised, edgy, and exciting. Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. With Vincent Cassel. Introduction talk from Aysegul Epengin, the director of the Portsmouth Film Society.

9th June Thursday 8pm  Naked (1993)  cert 18

‘Mike Leigh’s film explores­ a form of male self-loathing manifesting itself in mysoginist insults and violence’. With David Thewlis, Lesley Sharp and Katrin Cartlidge. ‘Thewlis…gives the film its cruel energy, wit and power’.

16th June Thursday Videodrome (1982)  cert 18

Directed by Canadian horror maestro David Cronenberg, this stars James Woods as the owner of a cable tv station, who becomes hypnotised by the output of a hardcore S & M channel. Cronenberg typically blurs the line between soft- and hardcore, raising questions about the power of television and its effects on individuals and society. Co-starring Debbie Harry, and scored by Cronenberg regular Howard Shore.   Film Introduction from Billy Stevenson – FilmCrew4U and film discussion after the film.

23rd June Thursday Wake in Fright (aka Outback) (1970) cert 18

Made in Australia by Canadian director Ted Kotcheff. A schoolteacher from the city goes to pieces in a remote desert township. With Donald Pleasance, Gary Bond, Chips Rafferty and Sylvia Kay. This is an intensive film; you are warned now.

30th  June Thursday Freaks (1932)  Cert 12A

‘Tod Browning’s legendary, once banned horror film, featuring sideshow freaks like the ones he knew when he was with the circus’. May inspire curiosity and fear, but also warmth and respect. With Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams and Olga Baclanova.

This is an intensive film; you are warned now. Introduction by Chris Martin, local historian discussing the influence of this film on The Greatest Showman.

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