The Lost Frames

Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre is delighted to present “Lost Frames,” a captivating photography exhibition by renowned Photographer, Videographer, and Audio Visual Journalist, Habibur Rahman. The exhibition will run from May 1st to May 30th, 2024, with a special preview event on Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, from 6pm to 8pm.

“Lost Frames” offers a unique exploration into a collection of photographic images that never saw the light of day in the printed press. Rahman’s first solo photographic exhibition in 20 years delves into the unseen pictures, the forgotten frames, and the untold stories behind the headlines.

Through a series of compelling images, Rahman provides a glimpse behind the scenes and offers insights into the thought process behind press photography. These unseen glimpses offer viewers an opportunity to understand what defines a “press” image and what criteria determines its publication.

Accompanying Rahman’s visual journey are valuable tips and secrets he shares on what constitutes the perfect picture for print. Additionally, he provides special insights into the future of photography in local journalism, shedding light on emerging trends and technologies shaping the industry.

We are delighted to welcome Habibur Rahman’s ‘Lost Frames’ exhibition to the Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre,” expressed Aysegul Epengin, Chief Executive Officer of Portsmouth Film Society CIC. “His profound exploration of unseen images and the narratives they hold offers a captivating window into the realm of press photography. Rahman’s work not only enriches our understanding of this art form but also preserves and celebrates the untold stories of our past. We eagerly anticipate sharing this poignant journey with our audience, as Rahman’s photographs evoke memories and unveil the unforgotten history embedded within each frame.

The special preview event on May 2nd, 2024, from 6pm to 8pm, offers visitors an exclusive opportunity to engage with Rahman’s work and gain firsthand insights into his creative process.

Don’t miss the chance to uncover the hidden narratives behind press photography at the “Lost Frames” exhibition.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 1st – May 30th, 2024
  • Special Preview: Thursday, May 2nd, 2024 – 6pm to 8pm
  • Location: Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre

Artist statement:

“The lost frames is about my journey in photo journalism over the last decade from The Daily Echo to Portsmouth News and beyond.

Local and global photo journalism has changed so much with the arrival of phones with cameras and has lead to the decline of photography and photographers throughout the industry 

Attitude to photography has changed, contributing to poor decisions of what makes it to the digital page and the print pages.   

The following is a tribute to all the lost pictures that didn’t make the editorial decision or even the photographer’s decision to keep them in the ‘set’.

In local journalism, there are dozens of stories with hundreds of images captured for them

The lost frame is in sense the forgotten or untold stories that now resurfaced to show a different side of the same story. An insight behind the capture and some secrets of capturing great images.

In this exhibition I will be sharing insights about local journalism and where it’s heading. The changes and the challenges and my journey within it.

Are the days of capturing the entire story in one frame gone? We’ll be exploring the bigger picture to find out.”

Passion for Color Exhibition

Freya Perry: Passion for Color Exhibition
3D and Mixed Media Artist. Writer.
1st – 30th April 2024 at Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre

Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition by Freya Perry, a renowned 3D and mixed media artist, and writer. Titled “Passion for Color” this exhibition will run from April 1st to April 30th, 2024, showcasing Perry’s vibrant and emotionally resonant artworks.

Perry’s journey with color began in childhood, where she found solace and expression in the hues of her clothing and surroundings. Despite early setbacks, her passion for color persisted, leading her to explore its psychological and healing dimensions in adulthood. Perry’s deep connection to color is reflected in her artwork, which serves as both a personal expression and a means of healing.

A pivotal moment in Perry’s life came in 2014 when she experienced a head injury. This incident propelled her towards art as a form of self-expression and healing. Through mixed media art using acrylics, Perry found solace and purpose, with her artwork gaining international recognition. Alongside her visual art, Perry’s writing also flourished, with stories and poems centered around color and the senses.

In 2024, Perry revisits her childhood passion for storytelling by resurrecting children’s stories and fairytales, alongside creating 3D artwork for the main characters. Additionally, she embraces performance art, delighting audiences with colorful storytelling sessions.

As part of the exhibition, Perry will also be participating in the Pompey Poetry Party event at Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre on April 1st, 2024. Her mixed media paintings will serve as the backdrop for the evening, where she will share lighthearted and enchanting poems.

Perry states: ‘My mum said I was a walking rainbow. I still am! My stories lay dormant in my computer. Many were for children. Some for adults. Though at that time I was so wrapped up in my art that they were put on a back burner.’

“We are thrilled to host Freya Perry’s ‘Passion for Color’ exhibition at Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre,” said Aysegul Epengin. “Her vibrant artwork and storytelling encapsulate the essence of creativity and healing, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a world of color and imagination. Freya is indeed a walking rainbow.”

The exhibition opens with a reception on April 1st, 2024, at 5pm, followed by the Poetry evening at 6pm, featuring performances by talented poets. (Great Poetry Day) Visitors are encouraged to attend and experience the enchanting world of Freya Perry’s art and storytelling.

For more information, visit:

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Rick Poulton Exhibition


Southsea Cinema & Art Centre is delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition, “Insights,” featuring the work of local artist Rick Poulton. The exhibition will be on display from March 1st to March 30th, 2024, with a special preview event scheduled for March 1st, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Southsea Cinema and Art Centre.

“Insights” offers a unique glimpse into the artistic journey of Rick Poulton, a hidden gem of Southsea, Portsmouth. Poulton’s artistic passion ignited during his A Level studies, and his exhibition promises a captivating exploration of his evolving creativity.

In his artist’s statement, Poulton reflects on the diverse interpretations of his work: “People see many things within my pictures, some say they can see faces, others say little people. They take the eye on a journey, take time to view and let the images appear for you. What one person sees may be entirely different for another person viewing the same picture. Enjoy.”

Rick Poulton’s artistic voyage is deeply personal, rooted in overcoming challenges. He shares, “I first took an interest in art as a child when my Aunt and Uncle gave me rolls of wallpaper to lay on the floor to paint on. Shortly after starting at Portsmouth College of Arts, I began to suffer from mental illness and was hospitalized several times. While there, I turned to painting as a way of trying to express how I felt. My work is abstract expressionist, and to each individual viewing my work comes a voyage for the mind as well as the eye. This is my first solo exhibition.”

Artist’s Bio:

Born in Portsmouth in 1961, Rick Poulton’s journey through life encompasses 62 Beano annuals. A former pupil at Portsmouth City Boys, he pursued his passion for the arts in the 6th form, where he took A levels in arts. Following this, he embarked on a foundation year at Portsmouth College of Arts. Despite facing mental health challenges, Poulton found profound release and expression in his artwork.

Southsea Cinema & Art Centre invites art enthusiasts and the local community to join us in celebrating the opening of “Insights.” This exhibition promises to be a visually stimulating and emotionally resonant experience, showcasing the talent and resilience of a remarkable local artist.

After the exhibition preview, the  Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre will run: Great Poetry Day 8pm-10.30pm.. Local poets/poet lovers will share their poets at our intimate venue. Presented by Matt Wiggett, a local writer. This is a conversational event, focused on sharing emotions and appreciation of celebration of literature. This event is part of the BookFest.

“Great Poetry Day is more than just a literary event; it’s a platform for the community to come together and appreciate the beauty of words. Attendees can expect a conversational atmosphere where emotions are shared, and the art of poetry is celebrated.

Matt Wiggett, the event’s presenter, expresses his enthusiasm, “I’m honored to be a part of ‘Great Poetry Day’ at Southsea Cinema & Art Centre. This event is about fostering a sense of community through the power of poetry. It’s not just about words on a page; it’s about the emotions and connections that poetry can evoke. Join us for an intimate evening of literary celebration.”

As a part of the broader BookFest, “Great Poetry Day” adds a poetic touch to the festival’s diverse lineup of literary events. Southsea Cinema & Art Centre encourages the local community to embrace the magic of language and join us for an evening of verse, passion, and shared appreciation. The event is free, please book your place here: Great Poetry Day

For more information, please contact:

Laurel and Hardy Films

Laurel & Hardy Films

Exhibition: Laurel and Hardy Films

Stephen Pannell who has previously exhibited at Liberty’s in London, Manchester, Braintree and Dusseldorf will be coming to Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre in January.

Local artist, Stephen Pannell will be bringing his Laurel and Hardy film inspired pictures to Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre from Wednesday, 10th March 2024.  The artist describes his paintings as being influenced by Laurel and Hardy ever since he watched them as a child. His artwork is inspired by particular scenes from his favourite Laurel and Hardy films such as Men O’ War, Pack Up Your Troubles, You’re Darn Tootin’, Laughing Gravy, The Live Ghost, Blotto and The Laurel and Hardy murder Case. He aims to capture the essence and the mood of a film with vivid use of colour, composition and lighting by incorporating a collage of film skills. 

Stephen graduated from Fine Art in 1981 from Portsmouth Polytechnic and gained much commercial success throughout the eighties with three successful shows at Liberty’s, Regent Street, London.  His paintings are influenced by his love of film that has included paintings based upon the Christmas movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, ‘Brief Encounter’ and ‘Oliver Twist’.

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”

Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre are proud to display our second exhibition for Pannell Art this January 2024

We will also host two Slapstick nights at our cinema on 10 and 31 January evenings 6pm-8pm.



Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre is delighted to be supporting five local artists with a winter exhibition. Always at the heart of our community, the team at the centre offered wall space to the artists who are all members of the Portsmouth & Hampshire Art Society:

Ginette White moved here from London two years ago, so she could better support her brother who has complex medical needs, and she was delighted to find such a vibrant and welcoming creative community. She is displaying different moods of the sea in this exhibition, drawing on different oceans she has visited along with our Eastney beach. She is on Instagram @pompeylol where she showcases her art and her recycling/repurposing business.

Gilly Zulu moved from Surrey to Zambia over twenty-three years ago and returned to the UK three years ago. Have studied at Farnham, she became a key leader in the Livingstone art scene in Zambia, running a number of exhibitions along with setting up a school, and much of her art reflects her time in Africa. She also is showing some pieces painted during lockdown when Eastney beach was empty. Gill can be contacted by email at

Stephen Pannell graduated from Fine Art in 1981 from Portsmouth Polytechnic and gained much commercial success throughout the eighties with three successful shows at Liberty’s London. Steve’s work is influenced by British and American movie classics from Hitchcock to David Lean, and are said to be in the style of Edward Hopper.  His work can be seen on Instagram @pannellart and he has a solo exhibition in the Cinema & Arts Centre in January 2024.

Freya Perry has a permanent space at Portrayal, just around the corner from the Cinema & Arts Centre and she can be found there working on her art, two days a week. As well as mixed media, she creates 3d pieces and writes fairytales. The commonality in all of her work, is the use of bright colours. She can be found on Instagram at @feya_enchanted_art

Olisa Osu is the newest member of the art society. Born in Nigeria, he is a charcoal artist celebrated for his exceptional talent in capturing the essence of life through monochromatic masterpieces. His art reflects a fusion of African tradition and modernity, conceptually creating a visual narrative that tells a story while captivating art enthusiasts and deep seekers. Understanding the life and inspirations behind his works adds a layer of richness to the viewer’s experience. Contact by email at

If you are interested in joining the art society or learning more about it, please visit:

For what’s on at the Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre, including a Christmas Market on December 18th, 19th and 20th please visit:



4th November to 5th December 2023


4th November  3pm to 5pm

‘In this exhibition, I am showcasing a collection of oil paintings depicting landscapes and cityscapes to bring back fond memories, as well as scenes from pure imagination.

My aim is to create art in which the viewer can lose themselves in. The fantasy scenes are intended to create a sense of escapism from everyday life and to lift the spirits.

I have endeavoured to combine traditional oil painting with vivid colours, thus aiming to produce paintings which suit spaces featuring both traditional and contemporary décor’ 

(Jones, A. 2023)

Southsea artist Alex Jones has always enjoyed creating artwork from a young age. Originally from Northamptonshire, he began his creative journey with commissions for pen and ink drawings of people’s houses in the late 1980’s before branching out into oil painting and becoming an architect.

Within the last few years, Jones has exhibited work in various local venues in Portsmouth, including the Art Cafe within Victoria Park and The Square Tower; and selling paintings within Portsmouth Dockyard and various local cafés.

In this exhibition, Jones is offering a collection of soothing and relaxing fantasy, magical and familiar scenes, inviting the audience to enter worlds of imaginary and creative narratives. His palettes are very distinct celebrations of colour schemes whilst capturing effects of changing light skillfully executed with delicate brush strokes. His twelve inspirational artworks are absolute dedication to the pleasures and passions of painting. You will definitely be inspired by his exhibition!

Jones is currently working on a new collection of pure enchantment fantasy, watch this space!

INSPIRATIONS is held at the Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre, from Sunday 4th November to Sunday 5th December 2023.

Preview 7 meet the artist:  Sunday 4th November from 3pm to 5pm


Jazz Photo Exhibition




Barry started watching live jazz in 1955. The first concert he attended was by the Chris Barber Band. After two years in America, where he was exposed to recordings by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, he turned more and more to modern jazz. On his return to London, he was lucky enough to see both of Duke Ellington and Count Basie jazz orchestras. In 1959, he became one of the original members of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Gerrard Street, Soho, and was hooked. For two years, as a well-paid Adman, Barry went there twice a week. Early performers at the club were American tenor sax stars Zoot Sims and Dexter Gordon. At the club, he got to know young photographers David Redfern, Val Wilmer and John “Hoppy” Hopkins. He was so inspired watching what they were doing, he bought his first 35mm camera and started taking photos from a discreet distance. At the end of 1962, he spent eight months in Seattle, with the intention of settling there. Unfortunately, he received a letter from Uncle Sam, inviting him for a holiday in Vietnam. He fled back to London, but before he did, he took a couple of shots of Miles Davis at the Penthouse Club. Soon after that, he got at least one good close-up of Sarah Vaughan at a concert in the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. David Redfern had just started his own agency which supplied photos to magazines. Once in a while, he would purchase Barry’s negatives and sell them under his own name. No matter, the silly man had acquired a serious gambling habit, and was often in need of cash to the point that he sold his camera in 1966. Eventually, six years later, his downward spiral was halted when he married a strong woman. His advertising career continued happily until one day, he became probably the oldest art director and it ended in 2002 when he retired (not really) to Southsea. Since then, he’s written a book about Portsmouth Football Club and another about Movie Stars. During the past twenty years Barry has kept his love of images by painting and drawing as well as taking photographs in clubs and at jazz festivals around Europe. He believes that he has shots of every local musician he saw during his years as a resident here. His love of the music goes on: by the end of this year he will self-publish a 400-page book entitled “Jazz Notes.” It is full of pictures and anecdotes about the jazz people he has seen, met, and sometimes photographed. You will meet some of them when you come to Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre during the exhibition.   


at Southsea Community Cinema & Art Centre

13 September  – 3 October 2023 

Preview 12 September 6pm 
Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre pleased to share with you another local artists’ art work.
David Williams has a degree in illustration and studied at Portsmouth college of art in 2000.
He appeared on the television program ‘Watercolour Challenge ‘ and had his work sold in London’s Mall galleries. 
He worked as a muralist and portrait artist most of time.
A loft of his work develop from music, specifically David Bowie and Marc Bolan.
He believes an artist should develop their own oeuvre through imagination and originality, in his case from imagined lands and people. He has a certain kind of uniqueness in his art work. His techniques are oil painting and acrylics.
David states:

“I am a local artist and Portsmouth has given me a lot of inspiration. l have always been drawing from a very early age. I always enjoyed art at school. I studied at Portsmouth Sixth form college and I achieved City and Guilds in Computer studies. I enjoyed my time at Portsmouth College of Art learning as much as I could. I worked in Portsmouth Dockyard, as a store-man.  I had always been a carer for my disabled father. Art has been therapeutic for me, helping me to cope with depression which I have suffered most of my life.

After leaving school I did art and photography at the youth training scheme, then I worked various cleaning jobs. Unfortunately as an artist, I had  extremely difficulties to continue my work and production. I struggled at school and college with my illness, I retreated into the world I’ve created, based on books I’ve read, music and popular culture. My main aim is now to share this world with other people and to counteract depression and illness with the joy of colour and narrative.”


Artists Exhibition Studies and Works


22 June – 8 July 2023

Private View 22nd June 5 to 7pm

This exhibition is an opportunity to introduce eleven talented local artists to showcasing various approaches to paintings, drawings and sculptures which exude style, skill and talent. Through their creative journey, some of our artists have rediscovered a passion to mark making, a skill and talent rekindling their love of art through the art of playing. This Artists Exhibition Studies and Works is a true celebration of the artistic value experienced in joining art classes as they have helped some of our artists to experiment, gain creative and practice confidence, to create friendship and to develop creative collaborations in attending the various projects offered at My Friendly Planet Art & Design School and the creative communities. This exhibition is not to miss.

This exhibition ties in nicely with My Friendly Planet Southsea’s Life Drawing Special Workshop, on 24th June, from 1pm to 5:45. This is a unique life drawing event where 4 MFP Life Drawing Social Club models are to model for 4 hours, in all 4 sessions. Such events are rarely produced in Portsmouth and we loved the idea of being able to draw our super duper models together at the Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre. This is also the first time where Alan, Ella, Indi and Julian get to model together. We are looking forward to you joining us in any of the sessions. There are 20 spaces per session. All resources are provided, charcoal, pencils, pastels, biro, paper A2/3, boards and easels, erasers, tape/clips and paper towels. You get to warm up, for a few minutes, with 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes poses. You get the chance to take your drawings with you but not before we take photos of what you have produced during the session, to be showcased on our website and social media platforms. We look forward to seeing you!

A big THANK YOU to Aysegul Epengin and The Southsea Community Cinema and Arts Centre for supporting our creative journey, and to all the artists to have collaborated in making this show possible.

Meet The Artists:

Eniola Adebayo
Ella Devenport
Elain Davenport
Chris Grant
Rhianna Sophia Greeham Rachael Odunmbaku

Ella Palmer Alan Patrick Francis Paul Abbie Price Samara Said Tina Sanchez



We are excited to be showing our first photography exhibition at the Centre.

When the Russian president launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the photographer Nina Borowsky started helping to send clothes, food, medicine and money to Ukraine.  The Exhibition was created as her contribution to the country.

She did a charity exhibition before, but this exhibition is more special, to help people in her country where she lived for many years.

She has been a photographer for twenty-five years. She put together a collection of my artworks.

The intention of this exhibition is to raise money which will help to buy medicines for soldiers who are on duty now, who in the trenches fighting not only for the freedom and democracy of Ukraine but also for democracy and freedom of Europe. The artist believes this is not just a Ukranian problem, If Ukranian did not win the war, it would be a problem for other countries.

She believes that the world might lose its peace and some countries are saying that by helping Ukraine they are investing in the safety in their own country.

Artist’s statement:

I was born in Kazakhstan and spent my early childhood surrounded by picturesque fields and mountains. After nine years my family moved to Ukraine. 

Finding a passion in nature and the moving image.  I enrolled at the Kharkiv State Academy of Arts.  After a four-year degree in theatre production, I worked as a television producer in state television for nine years. 

Soon after, I moved to England and have been living in the South since 1996,

where my growing interest in imagery led me to photography.

I am working in two different photographic styles, that I developed over that time:

The Abstract work explores a dreamy and romanticised view of contemporary landscapes and the human interaction within.  Through careful observation and minimal digital alteration, I create movement and patterns within the landscape, seeking out naturally occurring colour palettes.

The Portraits search out the relationships people have with each other, themselves, and their work, in different settings and locations.

I have exhibited in various exhibitions in Southern England and won a number of photography awards, as well as having been a member of the Royal Photographic Society.


‘What’s Art To Me’ Exhibition

Young people's Art Exhibition

Portsmouth Film Society CIC is happy to announce a new art exhibition showcasing local young people.

In total, 42 paintings and 8 sculptures are ready for public visits to the centre, 12pm to 7pm.

exhibition video 

My Friendly Planet Art & Design School, and Languages’ is proud to announce its first Young People’s Art Club “What is Art to Me?” exhibition at the Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre. The show introduces 14 proud local artists forages 4 to 13, showcasing their magical, exciting and vibrant artwork to the public in their first professional exhibition.


To meet these creative and talented individuals join the show’s preview on Saturday 6th May from 4pm to 6pm.



Since opening the school four years ago, I have worked with lots of talented individuals from all ages, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. I encourage exploring new creative experiences and social exchanges to build confidence and to reduce anxiety through a mix of a ‘Tina’- celebrating and nurturing the artist with a Montessori approach.

The classes, workshops and projects focus on community and social engagements to promote social, cultural exchange and dialogue between individuals and community. The school celebrates and supports cultural diversity from different backgrounds and cultures by fostering belonging and inclusion.


A BIG thank to Aysegul Epengin and her team – Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre, My Friendly Plant (MFP) curators Irem and Zeynep, associate artist Samara Said, and MFP’s Young Artists and their team.

This exhibition is curated by MFP’s Foundation Art Students Irem Tuylu and Zeynep Bilge Tuylu through its WEX Programme (WEXPRO). 

Our #Albanian, #British, #Caribbean, #German, #Hungarian, #Kurdish, #Polish, #Turkish Young Artists: 

Cecilia Galhardi

Céline Lis 

Clarissa Mary Quinn

Ellie Schmidtbalaicher

Isabella Fisher

Lena Vuksani

Lucas Schmidtbalaicher

Mustafa Mert Tuylu

Poppy Payne 

Quinn Van Vuuren

Revan Birosca

Savan Birosca

Sean Baker

Willow Newm

The “What is Art to Me?” exhibition will be available to visit until 21st of May.

Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre will be one year old on 19th May when the anniversary will be celebrated with a salsa night.

Schools: #CraneswaterJuniorSchool, #SouthseaInfantSchool, #Mayville, #CastlePrimarySchool, #PortsmouthAcademy


“3 LITTLE A” Exhibition


“3 LITTLE A” exhibition

14 APRIL- 30 APRIL 2023


‘3 little A’ – three artists with a passion for nature, at their exhibition on April 15, 2023, they will present the culmination of several months of cooperation on the message ‘love for nature and spiritual connection with the world’. Cultural differences (England-Poland-Congo) are, contrary to appearances, an element that connects and gives a fresh look, teaches tolerance, acceptance and unconditional love, which we all need – love for the world, love for nature, quantity for each other.


Anna Spinner (aka Rotting Omega)

 Irmina Ira Spinner – Poland

Kalif Kalume – Congo

 PREVIEW:  Southsea Cinema Art Centre, PO5 3QQ, Southsea.  Saturday 15 April 2023, 3pm-5pm.


Artist’s statement 


I returned to painting after more than twenty years to convey and express how important for me, how important for us as human beings, is the connection with nature, the connection between all of us and the world. How important it is to understand that we are all one.

I have not graduated from any art school, I do not maintain any style, I paint intuitively and in the process I let myself be carried away by a higher power.



 I have been always interested by anything artistic such music, painting, cinema …I started drawing for as long as I can remember. My passion took a kick start when I decided to join the “Académie de beaux art” (Academy of Fine Art), year 2002 to 2009 in city of Kinshasa, capital of Republic democratic of Congo, from which I graduated 10 years later as an artist painter.

I moved in the United Kingdom around 2010 and I am currently living in Southampton. Since then, I have been mostly producing sketching and drawing with mixes media, paint, acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, gouache mostly, on paper. Also, in the meantime, I did various job around the city in a manufacturing industry, I am currently working as a “Material technician” in a fiber optic industry. I am also currently volunteering for a local filmmaking community base in Portsmouth (Portsmouth Film Society) now called “Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre, where I been also study about film making, storyboards, sound, video editing.

Also been learning a little about Photoshop, Digital art, digital drawing, storyboard drawing and Illustration.

I also participated in few exhibitions organized by local artists in Portsmouth as in Gosport, and casually made special drawings commission (Portrait, sketches …)

 Now I have been mostly using color pencil as I found it easier and more convenient for personal circumstances and I also do find some enjoyment using watercolor and dispersion technique.

 I am still study and experimenting about finding my style and technique whilst exploring and painting and drawing different subject matters, such as abstract characters, angels, animals, human, people portrait, animal portrait by putting them in a sort of narrative that can be open for any interpretation and questions and also to tell a story of humanity and exploration of emotions and different connection .


Poetry in Black & White (and colour)

ExplorE poetry-film

A screening event exploring the intersection of poetry and film. Tongues & Grooves, in partnership with Lewes Live Literature, presents an intimate, conversational event, focused on three unique collaborations between poets and filmmakers.

Maggie Sawkins’ award-winning ‘Zones of Avoidance’ videos, shot at locations in Portsmouth with artist / filmmaker Abigail Norris; three film poems by Caribbean poet John Agard, made in collaboration with young documentary filmmaker Millie Dobres; and playwright Mark C. Hewitt’s enigmatic collection of noirish black & white micro-videos, each less than 90 seconds duration and each voiced by a different actor, made in collaboration with Southsea artist/musician Matt Parsons, which have variously been screened at over 40 short films festivals in 19 countries, earning 4 winner laurels as well as being a Finalist at the Arte Laguna Prize exhibition in Venice. Tickets here

Movie Classics Art Exhibition

Movie Classics

PannellArt Exhibition brings Movie Classics in art form to Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre


Stephen Pannell who has previously exhibited at Liberty’s in London, Manchester, Braintree and Dusseldorf will be coming to Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre in March.


Local artist, Stephen Pannell will be bringing his film inspired pictures to Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre from Wednesday, 8th March.  The artist describes his paintings as being influenced by British and American movie classics from Hitchcock to David Lean and are said to be in the style of Edward Hopper.  He aims to capture the essence and the mood of a film with vivid use of colour, composition and lighting by incorporating a collage of film skills. 


Stephen graduated from Fine Art in 1981 from Portsmouth Polytechnic and gained much commercial success throughout the eighties with three successful shows at Liberty’s, Regent Street, London.  His paintings are influenced by his love of film and his latest works have been based upon the Christmas movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.


Ayşegül Epengin, Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre Manager said ‘I am delighted to be exhibiting Stephen’s movie inspired paintings at our wonderful independent cinema in March, there is no better place to exhibit the movie inspired pictures than at Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre..  I look forward to welcoming our community to see Stephen’s artwork in our relaxing café space where you will find delicious cakes and refreshments.’


PannellArt exhibition opens to the public on Wednesday, 8th March at 12pm in the cinema’s café.  Please see the Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre website for further details.  The café is open from Tuesday to Friday, 12pm -7pm and at the weekends from 10am -7pm.