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4th November to 5th December 2023


4th November  3pm to 5pm

‘In this exhibition, I am showcasing a collection of oil paintings depicting landscapes and cityscapes to bring back fond memories, as well as scenes from pure imagination.

My aim is to create art in which the viewer can lose themselves in. The fantasy scenes are intended to create a sense of escapism from everyday life and to lift the spirits.

I have endeavoured to combine traditional oil painting with vivid colours, thus aiming to produce paintings which suit spaces featuring both traditional and contemporary décor’ 

(Jones, A. 2023)

Southsea artist Alex Jones has always enjoyed creating artwork from a young age. Originally from Northamptonshire, he began his creative journey with commissions for pen and ink drawings of people’s houses in the late 1980’s before branching out into oil painting and becoming an architect.

Within the last few years, Jones has exhibited work in various local venues in Portsmouth, including the Art Cafe within Victoria Park and The Square Tower; and selling paintings within Portsmouth Dockyard and various local cafés.

In this exhibition, Jones is offering a collection of soothing and relaxing fantasy, magical and familiar scenes, inviting the audience to enter worlds of imaginary and creative narratives. His palettes are very distinct celebrations of colour schemes whilst capturing effects of changing light skillfully executed with delicate brush strokes. His twelve inspirational artworks are absolute dedication to the pleasures and passions of painting. You will definitely be inspired by his exhibition!

Jones is currently working on a new collection of pure enchantment fantasy, watch this space!

INSPIRATIONS is held at the Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre, from Sunday 4th November to Sunday 5th December 2023.

Preview 7 meet the artist:  Sunday 4th November from 3pm to 5pm