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“Eva Kramer Takes Center Stage with Inspiring Art Talks at Southsea Cinema & Art Centre in February 2024.”

Preview: 3rd February 4pm-6pm

Local artist, Eva Kramer, known for her past exhibitions at Old Portsmouth Cathedral, is set to captivate audiences with a new collection at the Southsea Cinema & Art Centre this February.

 Eva Kramer, a self-taught artist, has curated a compelling display of contemporary paintings that reflect her recent artistic exploration. The exhibition delves into her evolving style, influenced by ongoing studies, resulting in a fusion of tradition and modernity.  

 Kramer’s passion for painting is palpable in each brushstroke, as she seeks solace and inspiration in the artistic process. Her work extends beyond the canvas, embracing a spiritual journey, where every piece becomes a quest for meaning and connection in life’s intricate tapestry. 

 The exhibition is scheduled to open in (date)February at the Southsea Cinema & Art Centre. The grand opening promises an immersive experience into Kramer’s world of art, blending skill and emotion. 

“Eva Kramer’s upcoming exhibition is a testament to her artistic evolution and commitment to a profound, spiritual exploration through art,” says [Eva Kramer], curator of the Southsea Cinema & Art Centre.

 Join us in February as Eva Kramer unveils her latest creations, inviting the community to engage with the rich tapestry of emotions woven into each painting. Experience art that goes beyond the visual, offering a glimpse into a spiritual journey expressed on canvas

Artist Statement :

My passion over the art since my childhood. My imagination always been colourful therefore my inspiration is inner and outer inspiration like, a beautiful view, people, travel, news.

I started painting again in 2019. When i moved next to the sea my passion for the sea awoke. I resonate with the sea’s Storm, swells, and stillness, which my life experienced.

My work often revolves around the theme of water, water shape and featured the vibrant colours. I create seascape, abstract, modern art (Abstract-expressionism, Abstract-impressionism).

I draw inspiration from both my inner world and the external surroundings and striven to create aesthetically pleasing and through provocative pieces. With my painting applied traditional brush technique, palette knife with oil, and acrylic paint but i use fluid techniques. Especially I use mixed media of Pebeo like glass and ceramic paint and create colourful abstracts.

My work has been featured in Luxemburg Art Prize in 2021 and awarded certificate of artistic merit. 16th August,2023 I won Lord Mayor’s Prize in Portsmouth, PHAS Summer exhibition. 91/12/2023 I began studying at Milan Art Institute but have not completed my program yet.

I acquired my knowledge of artistic techniques. My artistic style has evolved, becoming more expressive and reflective of my imagination. I am currently channelling my creative focus into painting and continuing my studies.

Eva Kramer was born in Budapest 1970 and then moved to the countryside with her family. She began painting as a means of dealing with family tragedy and trauma. Spurred on by winning many art competitions and prizes, she moved to Budapest alone in 1986 to pursue her vision of becoming an artist. This began with Street painting and accepted orders from stores and engaging with the public which was hard but also fueled her fascination of experiencing how other people see the world.

She moved to Portsmouth, UK in 2015 and this is where her passion for the sea awoke. The adoration for the sea and ships in this famous dock and marine area instinctively aligned with her vibrant and strong spirit. Eva resonates with the sea’s storms, swells, and stillness which her life has experienced.

In addition to the prizes awarded in Hungary, she has won a Luxembourg art prize and awarded certificate of artistic merit.

16/08/2023 won Lord Mayor’s Prize in Portsmouth Summer Exhibition. 01/12/2023 started a study at Milan Art Institute.

The exhibition preview will be complemented by live music from from King Rollo & Fraser Harper. https://www.harpef.com/duo

King Rollo is a twenty-first century troubadour who has spent a lifetime touring the UK and Europe, playing clubs, pubs and festivals, dispensing harmony to a jangled world.  

Fraser Harper is a musician, storyteller and all-round decent(ish) bloke who brings a deep love of traditional music to everything he plays.

Both as solo artists and as a duo, King Rollo & Fraser Harper entertain with a compelling collection of original blues and roots, together with their own take on favourite songs.