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Southsea Cinema News

Winter Blossom

Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre are delighted to announce another international artist’s exhibition.

Phoebe Kam:

I come from Hong Kong: studied Dance in Australia, and started learning watercolour and oil painting with my long-term teacher Wong Loi 20 years ago. I have had one solo exhibition and a number of successful joint exhibitions both in Taiwan and Hong Kong with my teacher.

I was the primer organizer and event planner for those art shows in Taiwan which were unforgettable and amazing experiences for me!  

Under Wong Loi’s guidance. I personally love the impressionistic colouring technique which I have been using widely in my works. I love to paint from nature, especially plants, flowers, ocean, and landscapes with contemporary, or even somewhat abstract elements, among my works. They are generally bright, vibrant, lively, colourful, expressing harmony, in which people can feel the positive energy, optimism and hope.

I moved to UK in late July this year. My family loved this country long before I came, and appreciated very much the UK government, who offered a visa route for Hong Kongers to have the chance to run away from a dictatorial country to this free land with free speech, free minded and sharing the same values. Now we are ready to begin a completely new journey of lives in Portsmouth! Art is one of the best ways to express feeling and thought, my last wish after all is for… a free Hong Kong!