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We are excited to be showing our first photography exhibition at the Centre.

When the Russian president launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the photographer Nina Borowsky started helping to send clothes, food, medicine and money to Ukraine.  The Exhibition was created as her contribution to the country.

She did a charity exhibition before, but this exhibition is more special, to help people in her country where she lived for many years.

She has been a photographer for twenty-five years. She put together a collection of my artworks.

The intention of this exhibition is to raise money which will help to buy medicines for soldiers who are on duty now, who in the trenches fighting not only for the freedom and democracy of Ukraine but also for democracy and freedom of Europe. The artist believes this is not just a Ukranian problem, If Ukranian did not win the war, it would be a problem for other countries.

She believes that the world might lose its peace and some countries are saying that by helping Ukraine they are investing in the safety in their own country.

Artist’s statement:

I was born in Kazakhstan and spent my early childhood surrounded by picturesque fields and mountains. After nine years my family moved to Ukraine. 

Finding a passion in nature and the moving image.  I enrolled at the Kharkiv State Academy of Arts.  After a four-year degree in theatre production, I worked as a television producer in state television for nine years. 

Soon after, I moved to England and have been living in the South since 1996,

where my growing interest in imagery led me to photography.

I am working in two different photographic styles, that I developed over that time:

The Abstract work explores a dreamy and romanticised view of contemporary landscapes and the human interaction within.  Through careful observation and minimal digital alteration, I create movement and patterns within the landscape, seeking out naturally occurring colour palettes.

The Portraits search out the relationships people have with each other, themselves, and their work, in different settings and locations.

I have exhibited in various exhibitions in Southern England and won a number of photography awards, as well as having been a member of the Royal Photographic Society.