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Short Plays by Local Writers

Southsea Cinema News

Following the success of the production at the SCAAC in January 2023, we are delighted to host another production of short plays by local writers event on the 5th 6th and 7th April 2024 at 7.30 pm..

The production will include a number of the plays at the Crowbait Club –UK Scratch night staged so successfully at the New Theatre Royal in Feb 2024.

The production will run for approximately 70 mins and aside from ‘The Fifties’ 5th and 6th April and ‘Speechless’ 7th April the programme will be the same for all three nights.

The programme line up is as follows-

Plays and Players

‘Fate’ written by Kia Wilson performed by Gail Oakley directed by Janet Rawson

‘Tanya’ written by Jackie Green performed by Sue Bartlett directed by Janet Rawson

‘The Fifties’ written and performed by Jimmy Green (5th and 6th April)

‘Two Green Triangles’ written by Yvonne Maxwell performed by Tony Course and Graham Brown directed by Bradley Barlow

‘Listen’ written by Jacquie Penrose performed by Kia Wilson directed by Roger Goldsmith

‘Speechless’ written and directed by Roger Goldsmith performed by Leyla Pank and Charles Wingrove (7th April)

‘Beatrice’ written by Margaret Jennings performed by Ceri Christensen Jones directed by Steve Blackham

‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ written and directed by Bradley Barlow performed by Kia Wilson and Graham Brown

The event will be a celebration of local writers’ work and the continuing development of ‘theatre’ locally thanks to the introduction of the Crowbait Club-UK in the area and the efforts of others keen to put ‘theatre’ on the map in Portsmouth.

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