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Siamese Cop: Two Cops, One Jacket! 

Southsea Cinema News

The film is known as ‘Siamese Cop’

Southsea Cinema Screenings: Wednesday 11th January 7pm

Duration: 75min

Director: Paul Morris

Writers: Alex Chandon, Paul Morris

Director and the film crew will be at Southsea Cinema for Q&A

What’s it all about then?

Set in the fictitious town of Vaya Con Dios, this off-the-wall
comedy follows the journey of conjoined twins Dan and Jack Pinto as they join
the town’s police force run by the (very) corrupt Captain Bartel. We soon
realize that it’s a case of ‘good cop bad cop’ as Jack gets involved with shady
drug dealers while Dan attempts to clean up the town – single handed. Their
shared world hits the buffers as brotherly love is called into question when
Dan falls in love with the beautiful Rosa, waitress at the local restaurant.
And… hold on, no spoilers on our watch…


The film, shot beautifully by Shaun O’Dell, is packed with vibrant
colours and dark film noir corners. The cops are played by first-timers Jason
and Matthew Buckham, identical brothers who can surely empathise with the main
characters – and that femme fatale is played by stunning Portuguese actress
Catarina Furtado in her first feature film role. The wonderful original
soundtrack comes courtesy of Irish band Tabularasa (think Curtis Mayfield).


It is jam-packed with pungent one-liners, such as…


Rosa: “Are you looking down my cleavage?”

Jack: “No way, I’m scared of heights…”

And sight gags – director Morris was inspired by Buster Keaton,
among others. 


Vaya Con Dios’ finest are on patrol.

Dan to Jack: “Race you!”

The film was produced by experienced producers David Barron
(Cinderella, Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle and Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows) and Mark Westaway (Secrets and Lies, Nude Descending, An Organization
of Dreams), aided and abetted by co-producers Paul Morris and Nico Rilla.

The crew was composed of fresh young film fanatics, many of them
taking a step up in the movie-making ladder, supported by more experienced
artisans, such as award-winning stuntman/stunt coordinator Simon Crane (Bond
films, Indiana Jones, Batman, Superman…), Shaun O’Dell (Aliens, The Phantom of
the Opera, Brotherhood of the Wolf) Ivan Sharrock, sound engineer, Academy
Award winner for Best Sound, The Last Emperor, (other films Cloud Atlas, The
River Wild, Gangs of New York).

Free Entry, reservation recommended. Online reservation: Here