Currently, we stopped our indoor cinema screening and engaging with outdoor cinema events.

Outdoor cinema tickets are available:

A volunteer at the door will confirm that seats are available and ensure that you are COVID compliant and before directing you to your seats.

Please observe the one-way path marked out on the floor.

One of our catering volunteers will soon visit you to ask whether you would like any drinks or sweets brought to you.  They will be able to take payment at the seat – ideally using contactless payment but failing that exact change is acceptable.

Please remain seated unless you need to visit the lavatory.  If you do, please maintain social distance from others.  As you leave please remember to leave the cubicle door open and turn the card that is hanging on the door over to display the red ‘awaiting disinfection‘ sign.

All seats are 1.6 meters away from other rows and separated from adjoining groups by a table.  Air conditioning will be on 100% in the venue because of the government recommendation.  

After your visit you are invited to add a post to our Facebook page to record how safe you felt.  If there is anything, we can improve please email us

Southsea Community Cinema