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Southsea Cinema News

at Southsea Community Cinema & Art Centre

13 September  – 3 October 2023 

Preview 12 September 6pm 
Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre pleased to share with you another local artists’ art work.
David Williams has a degree in illustration and studied at Portsmouth college of art in 2000.
He appeared on the television program ‘Watercolour Challenge ‘ and had his work sold in London’s Mall galleries. 
He worked as a muralist and portrait artist most of time.
A loft of his work develop from music, specifically David Bowie and Marc Bolan.
He believes an artist should develop their own oeuvre through imagination and originality, in his case from imagined lands and people. He has a certain kind of uniqueness in his art work. His techniques are oil painting and acrylics.
David states:

“I am a local artist and Portsmouth has given me a lot of inspiration. l have always been drawing from a very early age. I always enjoyed art at school. I studied at Portsmouth Sixth form college and I achieved City and Guilds in Computer studies. I enjoyed my time at Portsmouth College of Art learning as much as I could. I worked in Portsmouth Dockyard, as a store-man.  I had always been a carer for my disabled father. Art has been therapeutic for me, helping me to cope with depression which I have suffered most of my life.

After leaving school I did art and photography at the youth training scheme, then I worked various cleaning jobs. Unfortunately as an artist, I had  extremely difficulties to continue my work and production. I struggled at school and college with my illness, I retreated into the world I’ve created, based on books I’ve read, music and popular culture. My main aim is now to share this world with other people and to counteract depression and illness with the joy of colour and narrative.”