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Portsmouth, UK: Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre, based in Palmerston Road, Southsea, will host screenings of locally produced feature film THE MIRE. After a sell out performance for its premiere in February 2023, Apple Park Films are bringing THE MIRE back to the city where it was made for a second screening on September 15th 2023 7pm. Critics have described THE MIRE as “grand in its atmosphere “and” a satisfyingly unravelling psychological game with “powerful dialogue and stirring revelation.” Director Adam Nelson has been praised for tackling “a bold, thought-provoking, and engaging psychological thriller” and that he “plays all the right dramatic notes and brings out tremendous performances by his ensemble.” A filmmaker Q&A and the opportunity to network with the cast and crew over drinks late into the evening will follow the screening.

THE MIRE was shot on location at the Kings Church on Somers Road, Portsmouth, and at key locations around the city including Southsea Seafront and Portsdown Hill. The cast and crew are made up of actors and technicians who have links to the Portsmouth and Solent area, including Year 3 students from The University of Portsmouth. Set over the course of one night, THE MIRE is a contained psychological thriller that focuses on Joseph Layton, the charismatic leader of a religious cult known as The Canon, which, after 16 years, and with a now considerably large community of followers, is moving towards its end, an “ascension” that will see Joseph lead his congregation in a mass suicide, to take their place among the stars. On the eve of this mass suicide, Joseph’s two most loyal followers worry something is wrong and trap Joseph in the church The Canon operates from. A battle of wits ensues across one evening as all three parties attempt to manipulate, reform, and out plot the others.

Founded by Director Adam Nelson in 2013, Apple Park Films have been producing films in Portsmouth under their localised production scheme since 2016. THE MIRE is the first feature film produced under this scheme and is a partnership with Familiar Stranger Studios another Portsmouth-based Production Company.

About the screenings, Adam Nelson said: “THE MIRE represents one of, if not the biggest local independent feature film production from Portsmouth in a long time. It was humbling to sell out the premiere back in February and I’ve been so excited to bring the film back to its home audience for another round. Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre is a far more intimate venue and will allow myself and the other members of the cast and crew to really connect with the audience before, during, and after the screening during our Q&A and networking session.”