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The SCAAC are excited to announce the premiere of  two new plays under the title of ‘Rise and Fall’ – ‘Two Ton Tony’ by Peter Matthew McCrohon and  ‘Falling’ by Roger Goldsmith.  This is the first theatre production  that Portsmouth Film Society CIC is organising.

‘Two Ton Tony’ tells the story of  American Boxer Tony Galento, who despite being a ‘walking beer barrel of a man’ fought Joe Louis for the heavyweight championship of the world.  ‘Falling’  is a two-hander play about Ben And Ella, and what happens to them when the bottom falls out of their lives.

Falling: Ben has lost a relationship and Ella is in one but both are lost and broken. Can they rebuild their lives and maybe, make a connection? 
Two Ton Tony: “Two Ton” Tony Galento, “A walking beer barrel of a man” was a unlikely challenger for Joe Louis’ Heavyweight boxing Crown but this colourful, larger than life character also acted alongside Marlon Brando. From his infamous New Jersey bar, The Nut Club, and with the help of his pal, Pauly, he tells us his story with the help of mime, comedy and song. And what a story it is! 
Ben: Aaron Holdaway 
Ella: Francesca McCrohon 
Then, Two Tony Tony:
Tony Galento: John-Paul McCrohon 
Pauly: Peter McCrohon 
Writer, Falling:Roger Goldsmith
Writer, Two Ton Tony: Peter McCrohon 
Director of both: Peter McCrohon 
Sound and Light Operator, Falling: Peter McCrohon 
Sound and Light Operator, Two Ton Tony: Aaron Holdaway 

Tickets  are here: Two Plays