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Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre is delighted to be supporting five local artists with a winter exhibition. Always at the heart of our community, the team at the centre offered wall space to the artists who are all members of the Portsmouth & Hampshire Art Society:

Ginette White moved here from London two years ago, so she could better support her brother who has complex medical needs, and she was delighted to find such a vibrant and welcoming creative community. She is displaying different moods of the sea in this exhibition, drawing on different oceans she has visited along with our Eastney beach. She is on Instagram @pompeylol where she showcases her art and her recycling/repurposing business.

Gilly Zulu moved from Surrey to Zambia over twenty-three years ago and returned to the UK three years ago. Have studied at Farnham, she became a key leader in the Livingstone art scene in Zambia, running a number of exhibitions along with setting up a school, and much of her art reflects her time in Africa. She also is showing some pieces painted during lockdown when Eastney beach was empty. Gill can be contacted by email at zulugill@gmail.com

Stephen Pannell graduated from Fine Art in 1981 from Portsmouth Polytechnic and gained much commercial success throughout the eighties with three successful shows at Liberty’s London. Steve’s work is influenced by British and American movie classics from Hitchcock to David Lean, and are said to be in the style of Edward Hopper.  His work can be seen on Instagram @pannellart and he has a solo exhibition in the Cinema & Arts Centre in January 2024.

Freya Perry has a permanent space at Portrayal, just around the corner from the Cinema & Arts Centre and she can be found there working on her art, two days a week. As well as mixed media, she creates 3d pieces and writes fairytales. The commonality in all of her work, is the use of bright colours. She can be found on Instagram at @feya_enchanted_art

Olisa Osu is the newest member of the art society. Born in Nigeria, he is a charcoal artist celebrated for his exceptional talent in capturing the essence of life through monochromatic masterpieces. His art reflects a fusion of African tradition and modernity, conceptually creating a visual narrative that tells a story while captivating art enthusiasts and deep seekers. Understanding the life and inspirations behind his works adds a layer of richness to the viewer’s experience. Contact by email at osudraws@gmail.com

If you are interested in joining the art society or learning more about it, please visit: https://www.portshantsart.org.uk/

For what’s on at the Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre, including a Christmas Market on December 18th, 19th and 20th please visit: https://southseacinema.co.uk/